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Hrdalo & Krnic law firm partners with Superteam Balkan to bring relaxed legal to Solana

Updated: May 13

There's an old joke about USA, China and EU deciding to create a digital revolution. We'll provide the hardware, says China. USA quickly adds 'we'll do the software“. They both turn to the European Union and EU simply utters „we'll do the regulation“. The same happened with Web3 where EU may be considered least innovative of the three but is the leader in creating a level playing field for crypto projects. Markets in Crypto-Assets (MiCA) regulation that was adopted last year and set to enter into full force in the beginning of the next is the first comprehensive framework for blockchain. EU is also least hostile towards crypto. While SEC is shooting from all cylinders, EU regulators seem to allow more experimenting as long as you are a bona fide player. Navigating through MiCA is no easy task. You will need a lawyer. And lawyers tend to be costly. Especially if they cover a certain niche. Being aware of this and being in crypto for almost a decade, we have decided to partner with Superteam Balkans to give a chance to projects from all over the world to ease into regulation. Regulation is inevitable and it will catch up with you, it's just a matter of which particular regulation. Our law firm wants young Web3 entrepreneurs to stop thinking of legal as a blocker. Legal part needs to be covered but is not something you should lose sleep over. EU is not perfect but it's the best you can get at the moment and for the foreseeable future. Reach out to Superteam Balkans if you're developing on Solana (but other chains as well) and they'll do a triage with you to see how Hrdalo&Krnic as a law firm can help you move forward with least hassle.

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